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There are people who own traditional RVs. And then there are people who own Aliners. We can't speak for the RV crowd because, well, there's just so darn many of them, but we can say a word or two about Aliner owners: Original. Sensible. Proud. (Okay, that's three words.) Point is, when you buy an Aliner you immediately become part of an extended family.

So be prepared to receive invitations to Aliner Rallies all across the country -- from West Virginia to North Dakota. Aliner owners love to share stories. And ideas. And experiences. They write newsletters, and send us photos of their campers in action-- a few of which we¹ve shared here on the website. They've even formed their own club ­ The Aliner Owners Club.
(We love their tagline by the way: friends don't let friends use canvas).

Bottom line is that Aliner owners share a certain something with other Aliner owners. Maybe it's an appreciation for something outside the box, something other than the same old same old RV. Or maybe it's an appreciation for simplicity, quality and reliability. Maybe it's a shared love of the outdoors. Or maybe, just maybe, it's all those things.

The Aliner community extends from Australia up to the Great NorthWest and Beyond...Find the most peculiar,unique and fun information by visiting the links below! Enjoy the adventure...

Aliner Owners Club
This is the home of the Aliner Owners Club, whose mission is to promote camaraderie among this unique breed of campers through annual rallies and the sharing of adventures and experiences on this website. View site.

Aliner Forum
A Yahoo group called A-Frame has been established. This group includes great discussion threads on Aliner improvements with photos uploaded by A-Frame owners, message threads, and other useful features. View site.

Share your own special photographic 'Aliner' memories.
All the pictures displayed in this photo gallery have been submitted by owners of an 'Aliner' product. Send us your own 'Aliner' pictures!