Hand Made Quality

Today the name Aliner stands for quality and craftsmanship. Each camper is still handmade in western Pennsylvania, just as they were 40 years ago in Ralph Tait’s garage.

Our concern for the environment can be seen throughout our factory. The facility would consume a tremendous amount of energy to heat and cool in a traditional manner. So we utilize a water radiator system. During the hot months, we pump cold water from an on-site spring through the radiators and use electric fans to circulate cool air. In the winter, we used the same radiators to heat our building. A wood heated boiler is fueled with the scrap wood produced in our manufacturing process.

If you’re ever in the area, stop by for a plant tour at 2PM, Monday through Thursday. Just call ahead to confirm.

Aliner Factory

We care about the environment. After all, like our customers, we’re outdoor enthusiasts also. Which is why Aliner recycles as much scrap metal, foam and wood from our production process as possible. And Aliner also recently joined forces with a national trucking company to create an innovative shipping system for our campers. The new method allows our campers to be shipped in traditional trailers alone with other freight, which reduces the number of trucks on the road as well as their pollution.