What Drives Us

We’re not talking about tow vehicles. We’re talking about inspiration. So what’s our inspiration?

The outdoors for one. Almost everyone in the Aliner family is an outdoor enthusiast. It’s no coincidence that Aliner customers are as well. They want to be set up in 30 seconds then go for a hike. Not sit inside and watch a 50-inch flat screen.

Another inspiration? The spirit of innovation. We’ve always done things a little differently, dating back to the company’s founder, Ralph Tait. It’s this innovative spirit that led to the first “A-frame” camper. The same spirit drives us today in our search for ways to improve each Aliner.

And finally, you, the customer. You’re the inspiration behind our core values that include honesty with everyone we deal with, respect for each other and the environment, and good old-fashioned hard work. This is the foundation of Aliner. Always has been. Always will be.

Fun Facts

Ralph Tait is the founder of Columbia Northwest. He's over 80 years old and can still be occasionally found at the factory tinkering on new design concepts.
We have a sister company in Australia, called A'Van.
Our products are built in a facility that is on its fourth life. Originally it started as a day spa in the early 1900’s. It then became the producer of Kecksburg Cola—a local soft drink manufacturer. Pepsi-Co used the facility for several decades as a bottling and distributing center.